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The world of development can seem to be an incredibly complex affair. For the uninitiated, terms such as Agile, Scrum, Design Patterns, Service Oriented Architecture, etc. are unknown phrases, which they have to understand, in order to indulge in the process of developing software.

We wanted to bring the development process closer to the SME's by removing these barriers using a common understandable language while we took on the burden of the technology. We have achieved that goal and years later, the SME's have become full-grown enterprises. And we serve both.

We employ and apply cutting edge technology to leverage digital transformation for SME's and global corporations alike. Our services cover the range from examining your business needs to providing cutting-edge software. 

We are a team of dedicated tech-nerds regarding TeraByte to be a global platform for helping others. We believe that progress is made through cooperation, continuous learning, dedication, honesty, and relentless strive.

Thami Najim


Take a quick look at our brand pillars

TeraByte Software is, like other companies, established with earnings in focus, but unlike others, we value support, help, service, and reputation higher than earnings. 

We do not consider year-long experiences or heavy background-knowledge as tools for inflicting further costs on our partners.

Smart & Clean Code

Providing a consistent high-quality standard conforming to best practices whether you are a small, medium or a large business.

360° Isometric View

Solving business problems through a 360-degree software analysis. No matter the angle and the complexity, we will make it understandable.

Agile Methodology

Lean and agile by heart. Providing iterative software delivery that grows based on priority and focuses on solving real business problems.

Strong Community

Our developers at your disposal

From all over the world, our mission is to help and provide digital solutions for enterprises, small or big, in any activity area, so they can accelerate their progress and develop their technologies.
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Terabyte Team

Many of our colleagues don't like to be photographed, but luckily we got them there anyway. This way you can at least see who you are currently emailing or calling.
Thami Najim
CEO/Sr. Software developer
Mouhcine Karbach
COO/Sr. Software developer
Hamza Hajet
Software Engineer
Zakaria Skri
QA Specialist/Project manager
Abdelali Haribe
Sales representative
Amal Garti
Adm. Assistant/Controller
Mohammed Najim
Intern Software developer
Abdelhamid Bouhtich
Software developer
Abdallah Bouskine
Software developer
Alaeddine Elgrida
Software Tester

Adnane Aref
Software developer
Ayoub boudaoud
Software developer
Badr Farid
Office Helper
Houssam Habbat
Software developer
Reda Hammada
Software developer
Youssef Harchi
Software developer
Soufiane Aida
UX/UI Designer


Core Values

Our core values are a reflection of our mindsets. Our values aren't a set of fictional slogans. They are an implicit set of behavior expressed every single day through our actions as we collectively strive towards continual improvement and perfectionism.
We see the responsibility as an honor and a privilege that we will not compromise with.
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  • terabyte web
    I have cooperated with TeraByte for years and am still engaged with them to this day. The combination of strong developers and powerfull project-management, which has the danish/nordic mindset has been vital to deliver affordable professional code.
    Søren Lundsgaard Jensen

    Søren Lundsgaard Jensen

    CEO InsightsRadar
  • terabyte web
    I have been using TeraByte as the go-to software developer company for my customers. They have a strong IT-background and an excellent mindset, always going full in on all tasks. They are always up-to-date on the technologies and they are self-driven.

    Claus Bloch

    CEO CMarketing
  • terabyte web
    High quality, agility, and dedication are the core pillars of our collaboration with Terabyte. Envidan A/S has continuously been working with Terabyte for more than 6 years, and we see Terabyte's developers as an integrated part of our Development Squads. The developers in Morocco work closely with our in-house developers to bring state-of-the-art and business-critical applications to our customers.
    Morten Klank Managing Director Software

    Morten Klank

    EnviDan A/S
    Managing Director Software

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We are at your service to discuss, analyze, propose, decipher, draw the roadmap or just advise you. Lets talk even if you are just curious.
We have a saying that goes: Even if you're not buying you'll benefit.

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