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With decades of experience in digital development, terabyte is a competent and quality-conscious ally, supplying high-quality digital solutions, acting as an effective team member, always "nearby".



Easy onboarding

Our customers have taught us the do's and don'ts over time and this experience is at your service.


You introduce us to your vision and requirements, be it extra resources for an existing project, or be it the need for an independent team to build your new product.
We present the most suitable persons for your specific needs.
After your approval we begin the integration.


Our proudness lies in the seamless integration with your existing development team or integrating with your stakeholders.
We are your employees and not just some external virtual resource.
We put great effort in analyzing and understanding your environment deeply, to be able to realize your vision and cooperate on a productive level.


We commence the planned operations, breaking down any obstacles, asking for help when needed, shouting out when required, probably failing in some aspects but surely prevailing in most aspects, delivering as planned but giving heads up on failing estimates.
Nobody is perfect, but at least we are honest.

Why Terabyte ?

Because we are among the best. Lets elaborate. 

The foundation of TeraByte is built on the Danish mentality through more than a decades work with Danish companies. This mindset has been planted, nurtured and groomed in the middle managers and developers. This mindset has been paired with the Moroccan mentality of full engagement and energetic drive to create a symmetric powerful workforce.

Therefore we are fully competent and capable, to handle your project with full responsibility without cultural or linguistic barriers.

We are affordable and reliable and will accompany you all the way.
We have the required knowledge and experience, and we are honest, straight-forward, genuine, principled and dependable. We know when to ask, when to shout-out and when to shut up.
That's why we believe we are the best match for you.


We are not afraid of advising when we see it fit yet not being the "know-it-all" that advises on everything.


Being innovative and inventive we will provide you with ideas that might benefit you.


Great ability to change position quickly and efficiently upon your need, thus loosening bottlenecks.


High capability of seamless integration becoming one with your organization.

Our Services

Looking to take your online presence to the next level? Look no further than our comprehensive suite of digital services. Our team of experts specializes in creating custom websites tailored to your unique business needs, providing ongoing technical support and maintenance, optimizing your site for higher conversion rates, and analyzing your website's performance to improve your digital strategy. With our help, you'll be able to grow your business, reach more customers, and stay ahead of the competition. Contact us today to learn more !

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Success Stories

  • terabyte web
    I have cooperated with TeraByte for years and am still engaged with them to this day. The combination of strong developers and powerfull project-management, which has the danish/nordic mindset has been vital to deliver affordable professional code.
    Søren Lundsgaard Jensen

    Søren Lundsgaard Jensen

    CEO InsightsRadar
  • terabyte web
    I have been using TeraByte as the go-to software developer company for my customers. They have a strong IT-background and an excellent mindset, always going full in on all tasks. They are always up-to-date on the technologies and they are self-driven.

    Claus Bloch

    CEO CMarketing
  • terabyte web
    High quality, agility, and dedication are the core pillars of our collaboration with Terabyte. Envidan A/S has continuously been working with Terabyte for more than 6 years, and we see Terabyte's developers as an integrated part of our Development Squads. The developers in Morocco work closely with our in-house developers to bring state-of-the-art and business-critical applications to our customers.
    Morten Klank Managing Director Software

    Morten Klank

    EnviDan A/S
    Managing Director Software

Let's Talk

We are at your service to discuss, analyze, propose, decipher, draw the roadmap or just advise you. Lets talk even if you are just curious.
We have a saying that goes: Even if you're not buying you'll benefit.

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