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Fueling sustainability by streamlining supply chain data, incentivizing circular practices, and amplifying the Circular Economy impact.


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Companies in the market today lack overview of their supply chain data, at the same time this needs alignment to your internal objectives so that we all work together to make it a more sustainable business on a local, regional and global scale.
The data that we need cannot be collected from just one representative within organisations which you require to answer.


Eco-Capture is a cost efficient solution with a clear incentive plan to keep the circular economy within your sustainability journey and at the same time support your needs of capturing and consolidating the data while you focus on transforming your sustainable business with your clear objectives, initiatives and actions.


  • Eco-Capture strives to generate the circular economy of Sustainability data capturing. Triggering a Ripple Effect, where we will be able to collect, track, trace and monitor data from Tier 1 to the company's extended supply tiers as far down the supply chain as Tier 7. (Supplier's Supplier)
  • Eco-Capture platform is built for companies and supply chains to collaborate and lift the Circular Economy within Sustainability data capturing.

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