Septic tank mgmt.

Maintain and develop on a septic tank management system for all environmental aspects of both household wastewater and farming waste oil.

CLIENT: Envidan A/S

COUNTRY : Denmark


The client is a major provider of management solutions for all environmental aspects of both household wastewater and farming waste oil.

The integrated septic tank management solution enables you to register and send relevant information directly between mobile units and a centralized database. Using this system, the collector can automatically save essential information for later registration. The process will be handled quickly and effective and save time.

The management system will identify the operation and maintenance activities necessary to ensure the longterm performance of small and large septic tank systems. It also acts as a planification tool for tasks that must be performed by licensed septic maintainers or service providers at defined dates in defined intervals.


Continuous service tasks and feature developments on the system is a responsibility that requires in-detail knowledge of the system-aspects as well as a thorough understanding of related legislation.

For years TeraByte has been entrusted the servicing, bug fixing and feature development of this management-system, operating as an offshore integrated managed team in direct contact with the product-owner, project-leaders and stakeholders.

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